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Watson Water Well Systems

Watson Company designs complete water well systems taking water from the ground to the point of use. We drill wells for commercial, residential, and irrigation water systems as well as geothermal drilling and loop installation.

From drilling the well, installing the pump water treatment equipment and water filtration systems, trenching, plumbing, wiring, followed by exceptional service when needed, we can provide all your water delivery needs.

We invite you to browse our pages for information on water well drilling, water pumps, water treatment, geothermal systems both specific to Watson Company and in general.

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Well Drilling

Compressed air powers the drill that works in a rotary motion that chips or grinds the formation along with water that is mixed with the cuttings and is discharged to the surface.

Water Treatment

Safe, pure and clean water is very vital to our health. The quality of water from most wells is excellent, provided the well is properly constructed and sanitized to remove any bacteria.


We are equipped to perform the drilling of the boreholes, loop installation, grouting of the boreholes, excavation for the headers, supply and return lines and butt and socket fusion of the piping.