Watson Company can provide complete geothermal loop field installations. We are equipped to perform the drilling of the boreholes, loop installation, grouting of the boreholes, excavation for the headers, supply and return lines and butt and socket fusion of the piping. Vault installation, purging and testing of system are done as well.

Loyd is a certified geothermal installer by IGSHPA and also by NGWA. Our experience is in large school and commercial projects. We pride ourselves in our efficiency and time saving abilities on the job and with the ability to complete the project without the use of sub-contractors.

You might have seen our company featured on the TV show "Dirty Jobs"  hosted by Mike Rowe installing a geothermal system.


Drilling the boreholes.Grouting boreholes after drilling process complete.Backfilling of supply lines.Supply and return lines.Equipment installed and site is used as a parking lot.