Now that my well is drilled, what type and size pump will I need?

There are a lot of things that will determine what size and type of pump you will need. First is the depth of the well, the wells potential yield, the water requirements that you will need, the distance and elevation of the house from the well. Contact Watson Company for pump recommendations. We have the experience, training, and knowledge to advise you on what you need. Watson Company can provide you with a complete well to house water system. There are many advantages in purchasing a system from a single contractor; in doing this you are giving the contractor the responsibility for your complete water supply. If you have a problem, you just need to make one phone call. We will have the records of your entire well system and will be prepared to understand the situation. We will provide you with a warranty and will give you professional service when needed. All wiring, plumbing, and installation will be done with a licensed certified company, using factory trained installers. This will insure that your well, pump and water treatment system have been sized to meet codes and that it will give you years of good dependable service. Do not sacrifice quality and efficiency for a cheaper price. The reliability and service you will get from your water system will more than off-set the cheap price. We can computer engineer a pumping system for you that will give you the ultimate performance and service.