What should I look for when choosing my drilling contractor?

Make sure that he is licensed by the State of Tennessee to drill or install well pumping equipment, or drilling and grouting for geothermal bore holes. It is a legal requirement that all well drillers, pump installers, and water treatment contractors must be licensed. Too many homeowners have been exposed to shoddy work by inexperienced contractors. Check the contractors reputation and reliability from references such as neighbors who own wells. Check with the Better Business Bureau or the State of Tennessee Department of Water Supply. His success and reputation are built upon doing a good job for each customer. Check to see if he has the experience and knowledge to perform the job. Does he have modern well kept equipment? Will he provide me with a record of the work done? Does he have liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect me while working on my property? Will he work under a written contract agreement? And will he work in a timely and professional manner? It is good if he is a member of his local State and National Associations of drilling contractors. This is evidence that he keeps abreast of all new developments by continually attending educational seminars.
Developing a well is not for amateurs or contractors who do not care about quality. WATER IS THE SECOND MOST PRECIOUS NATURAL RESOURCE THAT WE HAVE. Watson Company understands the importance of our position in handling this resource. You can depend on us to deliver a professional service with qualified personnel and state of the art equipment.