Water Treatment and Water Filtration Systems

Safe, pure and clean water is very vital to our health. The quality of water from most wells is excellent, provided the well contractor constructed the well properly and made sure that the well was clean of bacteria by sanitizing the well upon completion. Municipal water suppliers have known for years that water had to be disinfected by chlorination to prevent illness. These supplies are not always perfect, but free of harmful bacteria and the quality is generally acceptable to the customer. Water from municipal supplies sometimes have objectable taste and odors that need to be corrected.

Water Treatment Water from wells will at times have high concentrations of minerals that must be treated and removed before it is usable, such as hydrogen sulfide or sulfur, a rotten egg smell, iron and manganese which will leave reddish brown stains on plumbing fixtures and clothing, and have a metallic taste.

Sometimes the water will be hard. This is dissolved limestone that enters into the water as it passes through rock formations. It will cause the water to form white scale on plumbing fixtures, buildup in hot water heaters that can cause premature failures, and it takes more electric power to heat water that has lime buildup in the hot water heater. Soap curd in fabrics and bathtub ring may cause closure of plumbing pipes. Foods and drinks prepared in very hard water will have a bitter taste. Treatment is recommended with water that is over 3 grains per gallon, or 51 parts per million.

Water that test positive for bacteria can be made bacteria free by the injection of chlorine with a chlorinator. This is a device that actually injects sodium hypochlorite (household bleach 5.25 percent) into the water stream while the pump is filling the pressure tank. Chlorine has to have contact time with the water for at least 20 minutes to kill the bacteria. This is achieved by the usage of a contact tank that will provide ample storage.

The use of an ultra-violet sanitizer can be used also for bacteria and cyst control. This is a water treatment devise made of stainless steel,
that the water passes through a quartz sleeve with an intense dosage of ultra-violet light that will kill the bacteria, cyst, and pathogens.